Login not working for web preview

I’ve activated the authentication method “AppGuyver hosted user management”. Login is working then on the mobile preview app. Login is not working in the web preview! There, the login button is just doing nothing when pressed.
Any idea? Thx.

I also pulished the web app to the AppGuyver Server and the Login-Button is working there as well.
Just when previewing via the preview portal, the button is doing nothing …

Huh! This sounds odd, is this still happening to you with 2.5.5?

I do have the same problem. Login works fine on iphone and ipad preview, but does not work on the web preview - no matter which browser.

Hi! What sort of errors do you get in the developer console of your browser? And what version of the runtime in preview app are you running (visible in preview when you click your name/email on the app listing view)?