Login Token+UserID Not Saving To App Variables Anymore

I can’t understand what happened.

Both the web preview + mobile app preview won’t save app variables.

My workflow is below:

First of all, what do you mean by saving
Also, try to change the formulas from parallel to in line (and add set them again before trying)

What do you mean by “and add set them again before trying”

Regarding your question, saving or setting. The app no longer sets the app variable when I log in.

I have tested it and re-organized the flow to be in-line. Still, nothing is being set, although it is taking me to the next page which is the last step in the flow after the variables are supposed to be set at the App level.


i thought this might not be very clear, but basically, after you reconnect everything, in line, go and choose the values to be set in each variable again.
now, i think that there might be a problem with that

that’s from what function?
Also something important, are you using firebase?

I have added a 2nd set of app of actions to save the app variables. Now they’re saving twice:

I still see no app variables saved out of the Response from a 3rd party authentication POST API call:

I am not currently using Firebase for this. It was working OK before as it is but now all of a sudden the App variables are not saving to the app.

When you are setting to the app variable, are you using the output of the previous node (Login the user) or a static text? Does setting a static text work? If yes, check if the output value is empty or if there is the text you would expect. Sometimes it might be if you pasted this logic from somewhere else that the binding to the output of the previous node is referring to the wrong node, so please redo the connections if they aren’t working.