Look for Calendar component on AppGyver

I just try to find some component to display Calendar form on an application but found no one.

Are there any Calendar component available on AppGyver?


Did you figure it out how to implement it?
I would add a calendar too on my app

Not yet.
Also on trying other tool.

Flow function Date Picker

I am quite new and still checking the tutorials, but how is it possible that there is no a calendar component, it is quite basic. Anyone with any help?
I would like to track on a calendar the type of sport i did on that specific day and for how long.
Thank you for your time and collaboration and cheers,

Hi, we are working on new major update to the runtime and soon after that we will work on enabling use of Custom plugins. Those will allow you to use the kind of calendar you need or to create a plugin yourself. I cannot promise a timetable for this, but I’m pretty confident that it’ll be available at least before the end of the year.

In current situation you could still build a calendar yourself. You can check Mevi’s suggestion for a simple structure here.

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Hi Tomi, do you know if that calendar feature was ever added? I tried watching Mevi’s video on it but I didn’t understand much seeing as it wasn’t very detailed and I am new to appgyver.

Hi Premsun, were you ever able to figure this out?