Looking for a Partner for app development

I am looking for a partner to develop a number of solutions. Step-by-step. My clients have various issues that I think can be (easily) solved with mobile/web solutions. I myself have a fair amount of experience with building/setting up databases and UI/UX design. But my knowledge/experience is not up to date. I did some desk research and played around with a few No Code tools and Back end databases. I ended up with AppGyver and think this can handle most of the challenges. But I also stumbled over some specific challenges that made me think that I need to partner up.

To be fair, I don’t see any pots of gold on the horzion yet. But I know that my clients have resources available for well-functioning solutions. So I would like to talk to someone who wants to hear my ideas and is willing to help develop them. There is a limited amount of resources available for necessary investments. So what I need from you is time, technical knowledge and enthusiasm.

If you are interested then I suggest a zoom to share some thoughts.

Looking forward to your reply.

Marco, we can help. Book a time with us here: https://go.oncehub.com/connex-discovery

Hello, @MarcoH . I’ll hear you out and we can talk.