Looking for affordable developer to make simple image gallery app (Could also look at tutoring)

Hi, I am trying to make a very simple image gallery app, intended app workflow is attached.

Is anyone able to provide a fee to complete this work, or possibly rate to tutor me to do it?

SLT Communication App UI Design.pdf (477.2 KB)

@Mihaly_Toth Come on you can do it.
Just sleep less. :wink:

Thank you @Fred_Kuzyk for pinging me here. This task seems to almost be fully solvable. Note that swipe to next page is currently not available in Appgyver, instead you could do a visually transparent container on the right side of the screen that could behave similarly as the description tells.

Btw, @Kiwi well described process flow. :clap: I can help in more details as well, but here is my coincise guidance for this app.

First of all, make sure to go through some Youtube tutorials about Appgyver, but don’t get too involved in them as some might be outdated. So just try to grab the way of thinking.

Fo your app, as it is only for local purposes you should be using the “on device data storage”.

Create a resource for “categories” and “items”. As far as I understood, there are only 2 levels of data here.
One object in the categories data resource would have these properties:

  • id
  • name
  • imagePath

One object in the “item” data resource would have similar + categrories:

  • id
  • name
  • imagePath
  • description

When adding a new item to the data resources use the “create record” flow and assign the selected image’ path to the imagePath property of the data resource.

*Note that I called “your” label as “name” in my properties.
*Note, if a user deletes an image that was previously selected here in the app as an image it will no longer show, so you might want to have a placeholder image and check if the selected image is present on the device or not, if not, then show the placeholder and maybe a warning that the image has been removed.

As soon as you have these two set up create the following pages:

  • home
  • category
  • item

Basically with these 3 pages you could create the whole app. Just make use of separate containers for editing the data and displaying the data.
In order to keep the UI simple use a “visibility” page or app variable of list of text type so that you can set the visibility accordingly.

On the home page you can have these containers:

  • welcome (this would have your welcome text)
  • list of categories (this would show a list of records from the “categories” data resource.)
    Change between the view with the help of the “visibility” list of objects. You can do this by setting the visibility of each of the containers to a formula like this: IS_IN_ARRAY(pageVars.visibility, "welcome")
    Just make sure that on button taps you do a set page variable flow: WITH_ITEM(WIHOUT_ITEM(pageVars.visibility, "welcome"), "list")
    This formula for example first removes the “welcome” container from the UI then adds the “list” container to the UI.

Hope this brings some light to the task. Feel free to reach out if any difficulties arise. :pray: :crossed_fingers:


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very well explained .

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