Looking for an Experienced Appgyver Builder to quote us to help complete our App build

Hi Everyone,

I build my App using Appgyver halfway and it’s taken me quite a while to get it where it is today and I would like to hand it over to an experienced Appgyver builder to help complete it for us?

Does anyone here offer this service and could we set up a review of the App so you can quote us?

Many thanks

Hi @Sandi_Ncube ,
If you did not find someone, feel free to email me iyadhoo@yahoo.com , and we can discuss more …


Hey, I have a great 2,5 years of experience with appgyver, and im able to help you with that, let me know

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Hey Dimos,

Thanks for getting In touch, Essentially. Our scope has changed a little and we now have a second project we would like to get quoted on. We would like to be able to deploy both Apps for Web, IOS & Android.

Project 1: We would like a quotation for the conversion of our Valuation tool, which is in Excel, into a Web, Android & or IOS App.

Project 2: We would like a quote on the completion of our half-built App.

How can I get in touch?

My email address is beforeyoustartza@gmail.com

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Hey Iyad,

I’ve sent you an email