Looking for ideas for videos tutorials

Hello, amazing Appgyver community!

Curiosity Lab is a youtube channel with more than 15 video tutorials about AppGyver. I’m looking for new ideas for my tutorials. Do you have particular challenges you would be like to see?

Do you have any ideas? Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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https://www.curiosity-lab.net/ - tech tutorials are more!


I have watched all your videos and I am a follower of yours on YouTube, you are amazing and I learned a lot.

When I’m on the community side, I notice a lot that a good “Variables” tutorial is sorely lacking.

Hi, thanks for sharing your channel. I have seen just a couple of videos, but they seem very well done.

I’m looking for an answer to this question.

But, apart from this, I would like to suggest you to do small tutorials of 10 mins on specific topics like CRUD, or file system interactions, image manipulation, login, input validation, keypress events, focus on a specific field after opening.a page and so on. Things that are building blocks of every application. I find the documentation lacking and not well organized.

I’m a programmer, I know perfectly what I want to achieve, but I can’t find the info I need for some of these atomic aspects of the app making.

It would be great if you show the result of what you are gonna teaching in the beginning of the video itself, so that people can see if that is exactly what they’re looking for and it also can help understand the tutorial (the famous “show, don’t tell” principle).


I look at your videos, they are all excellent. A big thank-you.
A tutorial on authetification on Firebase or other would be great.


could be great to have a tutorial on using MySQL with AppGyver.

I just found nocodb but have some difficulties to use REST api with AG…

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I like to ideas of small tutorials. I tried the “show, don’t tell” principle in my latest videos. Great tip.


Yea please make one on push notifications with firebase please. What is about push notification on most does not make since and a video would help.
Thank You


Hello, it would be very interesting to learn how to make an application from an already working site to WordPress in video tutorials, is this possible?

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Yesterday i stumble upon your youtube channel, great content and very helpful! +1 subscriber

Groetjes HelleH :wink: