Looking for spanish users

Hello, recently I discover appgyver and I was wondering if there are here at the forums spanish users.

My purpose is develop two kind of apps:

  • Apps for musician bands. Where they can build loyalty with their audience: sharing embed videos from youtube or vimeo (maybe premium videos), sell merchandising, private podcast, PhotoGallerys, selling tickets, etc…

  • Apps for local business where they can sell products: restaurants, etc…

Hopefully we can meet here at the forums and start sharing knowledge.

José Luis Lozano.

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Hola, buscando comunidad hispana, respecto a AppGyver, dí contigo.Saludos !!!
Seguiré investigando, si (por la fecha) puedes aportarme algo, estaré muy agradecido.
Salud !

Hola José Luis, hola Víctor.
Estoy empezando con AppGyver y veo que hay poco, muy poco en castellano.
Espero que cada día seamos mas y nos podamos echar una mano.
Saludos desde La Mancha!