Looking to hire an Appgyver and API expert for Google Maps integration

Hi all,

Looking to hire someone to integrate Google Maps to Appgyver with the below functionality:

  • All google maps basic functionality e.g. start a journey with directions etc
  • Ability to choose a radius based on x meters/km’s > it is visibly shown on the map > if user goes outside of this radius it triggers Appgyver workflows.
  • Can set a time amount e.g. 5 minutes > if ETA from Google Maps is exceeded by that time > triggers Appgyver workflows.

Would love to hear from you if you are interested. On going work is a possibility. Let me know your price and link a previous app you have made that we can take a look at.


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Hi @Callum, did you end up hiring someone to get your integration done? I’m also looking to get Google Maps integrated into my app in a meaningful way, but don’t know yet if it’s possible with AppGyver.