Loop Audio until button tapped?

I’ve set audio to be played when sound icon is tapped and to stop when icon “volume-off” turns to “volume-up” (which is when the user taps again). And using the play audio flow function, loop to true and number of loops to 999999999999. Though the audio only plays once.

Is there perhaps something I’m misinterpreting? I thought the audio would play on loop until I tap the icon again or until the number of loops reaches 0?

Also I found that the audio won’t play on an Ipad though android works fine. Granted when I tried out the audio for the first time on android, a pop up appeared asking to allow appgyver permission to use phone storage (or something like that) and on the Ipad, no notification popped up so I’m guessing I hadn’t allowed permission and would need to do that (somehow somewhere-would I need to do this manually on the app for Ipad?)

Hi, sorry for the delay in responding to this thread! Did you get the looping audio to work?

heyo thanks for replying,

It’s looped though quick question- will there always be a delay when looping audio?