Losing hours' worth of work multiple times even after saving continuously

I am at boiling point now. I have repeatedly lost hours’ worth of work in Composer even when saving at regular intervals. When I come back the next day, my app has not saved any of the work I did on it the day before. Why is this happening? We are building enterprise software projects on AppGyver and this has put us back DAYS in work to deliver. Please can we have an answer to this from the AppGyver team??? This is absolutely unacceptable.


Same thing happened to me.
I reported it in their bug tracker and they managed to recover 90% of my work.
Hope they can do it for you too.

I had to stop using AppGyver due to many issues that jeorpadizes enterprise projects.

The situation is very worrying. In my case, I thought I had done something wrong because I was affected by the same thing. Luckily, it was my own app and not a business sector one, and I had been using the app for three months. I hope that in the future, AppGyver takes all these details and anomalies into account, as I see that several others are reporting the same issue.

I think it’s not practical to have to click the save button, does anyone know why it doesn’t autosave?

Excellent question as well. We have had to spend the last week migrating our application to another tool because of AppGyver’s instability. Our application is highly complex and services over 2,500 users in the energy industry. We integrate with OData and external API’s, with a lot of complex logic nodes, so it’s incredibly disappointing that the tool cannot handle complex business apps, as that is what I expect when I see SAP’s name on a product. That it can handle the job.