Lots of problems with FireBase

Hi everyone, I’m developing a social media app and I want to store all data like Name, Surname, Image Profile on firebase. I tried everything but anything is working, every tutorial on Internet. Can someone help me making a guide step by step on how to do it? Thank you very much

Can you link to the guides you have tried reading? Then also include some screen shots of what you have done.

This is not a 5 minute task. There is a lot of reading involved. It took me a couple of days to get an understanding and then make it work. There is no substitute for this time. And even if someone can shorten this, it will then mean you haven´t gained the understanding necessary to solve future problems.

A social media app sounds like quite a big project. Is it your first app? If yes, then perhaps something a little more modest is a better place to start.

I want to associate names to an account, so when a person log in with their email and password it appears also the name associated to that account, do you know how can I do that?

Yes, I know how to do that.

But I also know that if you do not work this one out for yourself, using the considerable resources available here that you have no chance of getting your app completed. Ask specific questions when you get stuck and show you are trying to do it yourself.

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Very helpful thank you

I did that by creating my own “users” collection in Firebase, with one of the fields called “uid” which links with the “uid” of the authentication user object. When a new user is created, I first call the REST API of Firebase to create a new auth user and with the returned object I take the “uid” and create a document in my own users collection as well.

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If you give people screen shots of what you have tried, and links of what you have read then its easier to point you in the right direction. Just saying you can´t make it work gives no clue as to what you are doing wrong, what you have tried etc.