Lottie Animation in Appgyver?

Does anyone know how to implement a lottie animation in your appgyver app?

Please share instructions or anything as I would highly appreciate it.

Step 1: Install the Lottie Animation component in case you don’t have it installed, from the MARKETPLACE store.

Step 2 & 3: Find the Lottie Animation component and place it on the canvas, either inside or outside a container (You can change the size to your liking, and it’s better to put it inside a container to give Lottie more style).

Step 4: Search for the https://lottiefiles.com/ page and choose an animation, image, etc. After choosing, copy the URL of the image you like most for your project.

Step 5: With the Lottie component selected, in properties you choose the URL and in the ABC (Animation source) text field you paste the URL of the image. Keep in mind that, to see the results, you need to have the Sap AppGyver Preview app and view the changes.


Step 1 (Optional): If you want your animation in JSON format, you need to go back to the Lottie page, choose your animated image, and at the top in “DOWNLOADS” choose the JSON file and save it to your computer.

Step 2 (Optional): After downloading your JSON file, and in the case that you don’t have coding programs installed like Visual Studio, NotePad++, etc., you can do the following: Open the file by right-clicking and searching for “OPEN WITH”, choose NOTEPAD and open it, select all the complete code that the Notepad contains and then copy it by right-clicking.

Step 3 (Optional): This time, instead of URL you choose JSON and in the Animation source section you paste the JSON code. Important: To see the results in JSON, you can see it reflected in the Sap AppGyver Preview app.


Thank you so much, it works…im lowkey new to appgyver, and I truly appreciate your help.

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It is with great pleasure that I was able to assist you. It was a pleasure to be able to address your concern. Best regards.