Major Composer Bug: Section of the UI keeps disappearing

An entire section of my UI keeps disappearing, forcing me to Rollback to former save points to get it back. Here’s a screenshot of the page:

The two grids of icons on the right disappear regularly - they’re just gone from the UI and in the tree view. They are not connected, so it’s highly unlikely I accidentally deleted them (it’s happened several times now.) The rest of the page remains untouched, it’s just the grids themselves that go away. It’d be super cool if you could get this figured out, as rolling back isn’t always easy.

I’ve found I can replicate this consistently - if I save the carInsertDefinitions JSON module on the Global Canvas screen (even without making changes), it deletes those two grids on the Calculator screen.

Now I definitely need help because that definitions file controls the entire app, and I can’t edit it because it breaks my UI…any ideas??

Before I save the JS module:
FireShot Capture 1109 - Pill Insert Calculator - Composer Pro _ platform.appgyver.com_ -

After I save the JS module:
FireShot Capture 1112 - Pill Insert Calculator - Composer Pro _ platform.appgyver.com_ -

It happened again this morning just when I logged in…I hadn’t even done anything - the two containers were gone again, so I had to rollback to the last save, and now I’ve lost other parts of the code, too.

Please help!

Hi! Can you show us a screenshot of what your UI tree looks like (how those grids are structured on the right) and provide us your app ID so we might check what’s going on?

Sure: app id is 188716

Also, I discovered it pretty much happens every time I load up that one screen “Calculator” in Composer. If I switch to another screen and back, it deletes those containers. If I close the site and load that screen again, it deletes those containers, so it looks like it happens any time I open that screen within Composer (so it isn’t just because I saved the JS.)

Here’s the tree. The disappearing elements are “New front” and “New rear” (and their children):

Hmm when I opened the app it was already so that there was no New Front or New rear available… However I think I might know what the issue is.

Since you are using rows, you have to adjust the cell count to be correct. So from 2 you should change it to 3 here:
Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 9.42.31

If despite this change and adding what you have in the New front into the third cell it still won’t work, I recommend ditching the row and using a container instead into which you put containers and divide their space accordingly.

Nope, that isn’t it. It said “2 cells” because the 3rd cell was already missing - as I mentioned earlier, as soon as you load up the “Calculator” page, it removes the cells, but you can then hit the “Revert” button, to bring them back (and the row is set to having 3 cells again - see screenshot below.)

I’ve managed to work around this for now because I can Revert, but as a developer, it’s scary that my work routinely disappears, forcing me to hit “Revert,” and trusting that it will only revert that one change.

I suppose I can try to work around this using Containers, but this seems like a pretty major issue that could have significant consequences in some situations - wouldn’t you guys want to investigate and ensure it won’t happen to others?

Good that you’ve found something that works for you that you can get forward – and yep I would love to find a reproduction for this so we could get it fixed. I haven’t encountered this before despite working with rows occasionally, which makes it harder. :confused: I can’t even take your implementation into a different app to be tested further, as when I copy paste the setup, it automatically reverts to two cells. It seems like something has gone wrong in the configuration of your Row, so recreating them or changing them into Containers will fix the issue. If you figure out in the process what it is which makes the Row you created unstable, I would love to know that so this can be investigated further.

If you open my project without opening the Calculator page and then copy it, it may work. If the bug works the same as it does in my project, then in the new project you can open the Calculator page and then Revert to get the missing cells back (or Roll Back to the latest save.)

Eventually “Revert” stopped working reliably, and rolling back wasn’t always working either, so I had to rework this. Switching to containers appears to have gotten rid of whatever the issue was.

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