Make a portion of text actionable with component tap?

I have a text paragraph. Within it, I’d like to make a portion of the text actionable so that a tap goes to a url. I have the openurl piece figured out, but advice on making a few words within the text actionable would be very helpful. Thanks!

Well, there is no such way. But what You can do instead is to add a container with a horizontal layout and inside of that add the different parts of your text as separate text components. Make your desired part clickable and done.

Be really careful with this. If someone changes their default font size things might not appear where you expect them to. I do not believe there is a way of knowing what text reading size a phone is set to.

I have similar requirements and in the end I went with images below the text for more predictable results.

Yeah, that is a legit point. If You have horizontal layout, no padding between the text containers, but empty space typed after each part and also set the layout options on the parent container to “wrap children to a new row” to true.

This should help avoid any issues.

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I have a container. Then a scroll view within it because of the amount of text. I am having difficulty getting the two text boxes within the scroll view to join together. They appear with spaces between them on separate rows.