Make Calls to External Code

I love what I’m seeing as I’m looking into AppGyver, however, I need to be able to write and run my own external code as I need really low-level code for parts of my project.

Is it possible to make calls to a C API (specifically using Rust but can call Rust like C)? I’m assuming no?

I know it’s possible for AppGyver to make calls to a REST API, is it possible to launch a process that hosts that REST API either upon starting AppGyver? Maybe have an external application that does nothing but starts both at the same time?

What’s the target platform for this, and what should the code do? There’s a plugin architecture in place (that’s currently controlled by us) that allows you to execute native code on iOS/Android via React Native plugins, so that option could be explored together. Or are you looking to build a native desktop app?

Obviously if you run your C code in the backend in a way that exposes a REST API you can just use the REST API integration to instruct your C code to run and then return the results to the app.