Make part of a variable dynamic?


Trying to create a search like the search all section of the movie review app tutorial.

In order to query a search from my API this needs to be in the header:

Key: x-query

Value: { “advf”: { “e”: [ { “_name”: “Contact”, “rule”: [ { “_op”: “contains”, “_prop”: “Full name”, “values”: [ “Ryan Nisbet” ] } ] } ] } }

The bolded area in the value is the only part that needs to be dynamic. It would be changed based on the search input. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Hi! To my knowledge, this would mean that you would have to have the whole value as dynamic, but you can of course always just construct it with the static parts wherever it is passed. You could then in a formula always set the static part and the dynamic part depending on the search query (etc. via a page variable).

@Mevi That helped, but now I am stuck on this. Any thoughts?

Thank you! :grin:

I’ll check out that thread!