Manage with dropdown initial value (placeholder)


I’m trying to do a multiple filtering list based on a fixed list variable and 2 dropdown filters.
I’m facing a wall when, on mobile only, I come back to the initial value (placeholer text) of the dropdown component. This “fake” value is still available.
I didn’t found any event that catch the “return to the initial value” or “selected placeholder value” to re-intitialize my filters.

I selected a value on the dropdown list. Now the initial value is still available

When I try to catch the value change on the initial value, nothing happen. I tried all events:

Any help ?


Hey, I found the solution:

The list value is affected in an app variable with a list of object. Each object have a “value” and “label”.
Intialize the app variable with your values.

Then assign this app variable to the list of items of your dropdown list, affect the select value to the first item of your list and finaly delete the placeholder text.

The variable:

The dropdown properties :