Manually Adding All Data to App - Is this ok?

I can’t figure out the formulas or understand the best way to achieve viewing the data from the rest api.

I intend to continue trying to figure out AppGyver and possibly take just basic coding classes because I’m completely lost with the formula part of AppGyver.

What I really need to know is the following an ok work around:

I’m creating a business directory app. On the landing page is all of the categories (business types). Once the user selects a category it takes them to a page listing the contact information for each business that belongs to the category selected. There is also the ability to call, email, and share the business information.

I’ve created a page for each business type resulting in about 40 pages.

Can anyone please answer if this is ok before I copy and paste the data for 20+ hours

Thank you so much for the help!!!


I would probably only have one page for al the business types and customize it based on the needs of each category - unless they are widely different, you could modify the page with formulas to achieve the result.

I could explain in more detail if you give me explanations of 2-3 business pages and what their differences are and why (including what sort of data you have for each business page would be helpful to determine how you could customize the pages).

Of course you can have all these pages separately if that is your preference. The data will need to be manually entered in some way or another in any case.


Thank you so so much for the response!

I have two different types of business listings. I’ve attached pictures here. Please let me know your thoughts on using formulas to generate the elements… I’m using open url logic and native sharing logic on the listings, as well as images in some cases.

If I have to do this manually it will be ok for now I just want to ensure the app won’t crash due to all of the included elements.

Thanks again for your help, it’s so much appreciated.!

Basic Listing|275x500


I’m not 100% sure I understand correctly what you’re trying to do, but these look like two different types of views, one in which you list different companies, and one in which you view the details of a single company. I recommend watching this video for more on how to configure these two different types of pages.

In any case, you don’t need to make a separate page in Composer for each company you want presented e.g. like Molly Maid in one of your examples here. The idea would simply be to pass the id of the company to that page, and the page would find the data to display in the app. Similarly, the list page would get the data records from your data base instead of you needing to create those list pages separately.

Got it, ok I will work on the tutorials some more and see if I can get it.

I do want to ensure there’s a formula for the following:
Using the open url logic-
inserting tel: before the phone number so that way when the user clicks on the phone icon it calls the business
inserting mailto: before the email so that way when the user clicks on the mail icon it emails the business

Thank you again for the help

My pleasure! And you can simply do something like "mailto:" + in the formula editor for the open URL logic, and it should work :slight_smile: