Manually assign TIMEZONE to DATETIME


I have a DATETIME object with a date constructed out of a UNIX timestamp. Then I am SET_DATETIME_COMPONENT to set the hours and minutes based on the local timezone of the browser.
My question is: How can I let the DATETIME / SET_DATETIME_COMPONENT object know which timezone it is?
If I use SET_TIMEZONE it assumes that the constructed DATETIME is UTC and does the conversion to the local timezone which is of course wrong.
Or in other words: How can I tell a DATETIME object which timezone it is?

Thanks and best,

Hi Johannes, I was thinking that you could go around the issue by using NOW(), which gives you the full datetime in the current timezone without having to use SET_DATETIME_COMPONENT. Would that be possible in your app?

Hi Mari,

I need a date/time the user has selected with a bunch of sliders but I could actually use your idea here with creating a base object with NOW() and then setting everything with the SET_DATETIME_COMPONENT.
Thank you!