Map not working

Hello, I’m having trouble getting the map to display on my app. I have followed the docs and the sample page and still nothing would love some help on this.

Can you share your app ID or a screenshot of the properties panel with the map selected to see how it is laid out?

Note that the map is currently mobile only. What device/OS version are you testing on?

Hello @Harri_Sarsa here is the app ID 88332 and I’m getting the geo information form an api request

Hey @Luke_Jamison, where do you find the docs and the sample page for the map?

i am having some troubles aswell

The sample map page can be found by pasting the share token RpwyoNUHlL0xs1dEORpwcQ to the Marketplace search.

@Luke_Jamison did you manage to figure it out? Looks like I dropped the ball on taking a look at the app, sorry! Is it still relevant?