MAP or LOOKUP formula help


I need help to cross values from 2 Firebase documents stored in 2 separate collections

My case:

first doc GYR3GhxbDX0GCgUE2HZ2 is stored in the collection “containers” and has fields named :
_room: xxx
container_name: storage 1

second doc r8nrBo5Jne6W9lSRefcW is stored in the collection “items” and has fields named:
_container: GYR3GhxbDX0GCgUE2HZ2
item_name: item name

I use Firestore documents (name) to store the parent in the item document.

What I am trying to do:

Display the name of the container when I am on the page showing the item details

Var to display == (data.Firestore_items_single.fields._container.stringValue == data.Firestore_containers_single.fields.container_name.stringValue)

I have tried with LOOKUP or MAP formula but at this time I need a little help.

Thanks !

Not sure if I understood this correclty – but I would start with LOOKUP(FIND(all_containers, == the_item_on_this_page._container), "container_name"). Not sure of your data structure so referring to all_containers and the_item_on_this_page._container` etc for the lack of knowledge :sweat_smile: