Map show "Not supported" in preview

I am probably doing something wrong. But I cant seem to get the Embeded Map View (PO5OHxTVZXURlDsQ2SFeGQ) to work. In preview it only shows the text: “Not supported”.
Do I have to set certain variables for this to work? I set these, but still doesnt work. I know the latitudeDelta are both wrong, without them set it doenst work either.

Btw: this is not my location.

Hi - did you ever get the map embed component to do anything? I’m having the same ‘not supported’ error that you reported.

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nope, i still havent found it

Hi! Map view does not support web, so that is why you’re getting the “not supported” message if you’re trying to use it in web :confused:

Hi Mevi / AppGyver Team,
i started to learn AppGyver (Wow!) to create with some “none-SW developers” a tourism app for our small city in Germany and unfortunately i found the same problem here :disappointed_relieved:. The idea was to create a Web App, not installable App (Android / IOS), to make it easier for tourist to start the app (via QR-code etc.).
Do you have any suggestion how to implement it with AppGyver :pray: ?
(it’s necessary to hand over a parameter list for POI’s, see actual position and create map events…)

Thanks for any idea :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi! At the moment as stated above, we don’t support web for map view, so it’s not possible at the moment to create map events like you’re talking about, I’m afraid.