Map view Component usage HELP

Hello everyone I have been wondering if there is someone experienced with the Map View component? I would like to do a map with pins (user’s location), however, not really sure how to handle this. I am using Firebase and every user has its own location within a document with their UID and I am not sure how to process all these variables and input them into the Map View component. Any help will be appreciated! :slight_smile:

I haven’t used MapView a lot – but I think you’ll be fine if you follow the in-line documentation? e.g. in Composer, when you’ve dragged the MapView onto a page and selected it, under properties you can see “markers to render”. Hover your mouse over the i and you can see what properties the MapView markers need to work. Get the data from your Firebase into that format by using e.g. the MAP formula and you’ll be good :slight_smile: