Map View Component

Hi everyone,
Are there any tutorials on how to use maps with Appgyver. I have found the Beta Embedded map component and am playing with this at the mo. It would be good to see how this can be used as I explore functionality. Do any guides exist for this component? Example, If i set (manually) a simple marker location can this component zoom in to the correct area based on the marker location? or can I set the initial region to say a city?

Ultimately I want to put in the user co-ordinates (not current location) but where they are based and show other users nearby to there default db stored location. Is this possible using this component ?

Many thanks in advance , am loving Appgyver so far at this stage am building test apps for individual areas of functionality before building my new app, so testing to see how far I can go with Appgyver before fully committing to it.

All the best