Map view initial region and markers trouble (Airtable)

Hi, sorry…I’m kind of new with Appgyver and I’m not into programming so I’m learning with tutorials (it’s going well by now).
I have a list of restaurants in the app (is a list that the app gets from an Airtable BD). That works great, but then when I click on one of the items and get to the details page I want to display, besides of text info, a map view with the location. That location should work with Airtable BD latitude and longitude (numeric data). I set the variables but is not displaying the initial location. If I try to use the same latitude and longitude values manually for one restaurant they work, but I want to have this api list. It always shows a point in the middle of New York.
Could anyone help me please?
And I think that markers are going to be my next challenge because they are not showing on the map, probably because of the same reason. Thanks.

can you share some images where you set the properties in the map?

Hi, thanks for your answer. Here are some images:

  1. Here you can see the latitude and longitude are binded to a variable (both are “numbers”):

2)In this page you can see that the other info is displaying well; all of those texts are variables too and come from the same data base in Airtable (though they are set as “texts”)

3)This is how my base is build. When I copy/paste the longitude and latitude numbers directly to map view (I did that to check) they work:

I try the same with the markers but they don’t show up

try one thing, to bind the visibility of the map in a page var true/false and 5 sec after the page is mounted, hide and then show again the map. I think that will solve the problem, if yes, let me know.

First of all, thanks…second, I think I’m newer than I though. I’m not sure if I’m understanding well; I have tried a couple of things. So, I tried setting up a true/false variable and adding an event of “Property visible” to the map view, then binding it to the variable “true”. After that I added a delay and again the variable but “false”. After a last delay, again the variable to “true”. Does it make sense? Or the visibility should be in the page layout logic? (I tried a couple of things there but I think they don’t make sense…and of course didn’t work).