Map view marker capability

Hi, i was wondering, the capabilities of the map view component. More specifically, i was wondering, how many markers can be supported at once and also, if the markers are in general difficult to be handled by the app or there is no problem on how many can be displayed.

Maybe @Mevi can help on this one
Thank you in advance.

I don’t think there’s any limit on the amount of markers? Of course at some point performance would suffer, but I have no further knowledge… :thinking: We are currently using this plugin so most likely you’ll get the best answer by googling about the limitations of that plugin.

We will be at least updating the version of that plugin (since we’re using an older version currently) and perhaps changing to a different plugin – if you’d like to look into React Native map plugins, let me know if there are any candidates you’d like us to consider and I’ll have a look.

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