Mass Edit Table

Dear Team,

I would like to have a table like attached screenshot and want to edit multiple records in bulk and wants to update the data of each line.
Upon selection of the row - it will allow me to edit and change data for each cell.

Naveen Jain

Well, you can approach this from multiple sides. But one is for sure. You do have to be able to batch update your data resource (whatever it is, Firebase, Xano, Airtable, or whatever)

Now to make a table layout you can either use the “row” or a container with “horizontal” layout settings.
To feed in data you’d use a “repeat with” property of your row container in the properties tab.

To make those things editable you need to use the “input field”, and “dropdown field” or maybe even better to use the “primitive” input and dropdown that are located in the bottom left of the view component list.

To make it editable you’d need a property on your repeated item “selected” that is a boolean. If you tap on the checkbox on the logic canvas you can add a “set repeated item’s value” logic flow (that you can install from the marketplace) and set the repeated item’s “selected” property to “true”, or in order to make it even more flexible to a formula:


This would toggle the selected value to the opposite of what it was before.

Set the “disabled” property of your input fields to your “repeated.item.selected”'s value. But be carefully, since you want to edit them on the selected state, you need to bind this to a formula, same as above NOT(repeated.item.selected)

Following these steps, you’d have editable rows. To save the value I suggest using the “set repeated item value” logic flow on the logic canvas of your inputs/dropdowns. When you’re happy with the saves, I’d suggest a “save” button or icon which would have some logic that makes sure that the changes are propagated to the backend.

Cheers, if this was not enough, let me know.