Massive jump in app size


My app with ID 262544 was previously 57 MB on the Play Store. I rebuilt it with runtime version 3.4.4 hoping to have the latest improvements. However, the size on the Play Store is now 190MB!
What’s happening, please?

Double check to make sure the new releases in Google Play are not including prior releases in the newer ones.

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I’m still facing this issue. When I download the AAB or APK produced by anything above runtime version 3.3.5, the size of the AAB or APK downloaded is double the size of the one produced by 3.3.5 and below.

Why is this happening please?

Yeah, thats a known issue and the team tries to solve it
take a look here

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Ah this is communication via forums, can’t find all the threads where this is discussed :sweat_smile: Turns out the increase in app size is due to a switch in how they are compiled. See more info in this thread and the docs page it links to: Why APK have a big size? - #9 by Mevi

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