Matching ID from Collection in repeated list


I am trying to figure out how I can GET the Name-field in a document in firebase, using the and matching to an ID of the repeat list.

My collection look like this:

producerName = “XX”
id = “XX&&XX&&XX&&”

producerId = “XX&&XX&&XX&&”

I have set up two Data Variables for the product and the producers. I can see I fetch the producers list correctly to the page, and I then want to match up the corresponding ID to the repeatable post.

Repeating product on page and trying to find the producerName and displaying in repeatable list, and the following formula works, but does not expand further than the first post, IE, its not repeating.

STRING(LOOKUP(FIND(data.producers1,, “producerName”))

Any pointers as to how I can get the producersName to be added as repeating names for each product?

To be honest I don’t fully understand your question, as you are bringing up a lot of details at once. The best advice I would have for your situation is to:

  1. do one step at a time and make sure it works. Only then continue with the next. This approach reduces complexity.
  2. use the ENCODE_JSON formula function to understand, what content is stored in your variable after each tiny step: ENCODE_JSON - AppGyver

Some screen shots of what is working and the first stage where it stops working would also make it easier for people to assist.

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I am trying to do the same thing. Any luck figuring this out yet?