Media queries in AppGyver

Is there a way to use media queries so I can resize an image based on screen size?

A product image in my app looks fine on a phone but when viewed on a web browser it is too big. I believe there is a max size setting but cannot find any reference in the properties. Perhaps there is a way to attach it to the page load in the logic flow.

Thank you

Hi Ray, Container components have a maximum width property – you can either place an image component inside a container, or just directly set it as the background image of the container.


Thanks again Mari- I thought it was a simple fix but couldn’t get my brain in gear. For some reason I was fixated on using percentage for the image sizing.

All good now - I appreciate your response. Thanks for being patient.


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No problem! If you wish, you can of course combine percentage and max width in pixels so that the image will scale up proportionally, but only up to a certain size.