Meditation App Project

Hello, I want to make a meditation app, something with a similar concept to Headspace. It would be an app with tabs and folders, the content would be mainly audio files. Some content would be free and some would be accessible through a paid subscription. Can this be done with AppGyver? Any advice on how to get started, guides or something similar?

Thank you for taking the time read and I hope to get an answer!

Hi! Sorry it took me a while to notice this had gotten flagged by the system as spam for some reason :thinking: You can control access to some of your data, sure, but that places more requirements on the authentication / backend you use than on Composer itself. Ideally the backend would only serve the authenticated user the records the authenticated user should have access to. You can also do filtering in the app based on subscription status, but this isn’t optimal.

I understand, thank you for answering. It seems like this would need a lot of work and still the end result could be far from what I’m looking for which is that every user can see all the content that exists, they simply won’t be able to play all the audio files (guided meditation recordings) unless they pay a subscription.

Yes, it’s something that definitely requires some work, but you could get it to work exactly like that. One way would be to split the data into two resources – one being the information of each course/lesson, and the other just having the lesson id and the audio file. Then you could simply not allow access to any of the lesson files for an unsubscribed user, except to certain exceptions. This could be done on the database level or in the app, as you could check before fetching from the database if the user has rights to that certain id of the lesson.