Memory access in an Android build

Our app uses device memory to keep the credentials token during the token’s life span. This permits the user to go straight to the main page without the need to log in every time. This arrangement works well in Preview. However, when we build the app for Android it fails to access the device memory. Are there any permission parameters we need to set in the build to allow this? At the moment we he have the following permissions set: Camera, Write_External_Storage, and Read_External_Storage.
Thank you

Hmm, what flow are you using for storing the token in the device’s memory? The flow itself should include the permission, but if it doesn’t, I can help you to find the correct permission and see if we can fix the bug.

Mevi, thank you for your prompt response. Here is a brief description of what i am trying to do:

When I log in for the first time, I save to device memory the security token I receive from the server. I use the Set Item to Storage flow function , as shown below.

On subsequent logins, i read the token from device memory using the Get Item from Storage flow function.

If the token has not expired, the app becomes immediately available, otherwise, the user is obligated to log in anew.

The process is very simple and it works well in the app viewer, but when i compile it for Android, the token fails to store in memory and the user is forced to log in every time.

Your help solving this problem will be greatly appreciated