Hi! I had created an API using Xano and I already add that API in REST API Appgyver. Actually, I want to pass JSON data through GET method. So, I can set the schema. Can anyone help me with this problem?

Hi, not really experienced with Xano, however, if you’ve got any data in Xano then go to the data section, find your REST API endpoint → GET method and do a Test Call, if there are some data and you’ll get response 200, you can set up schema based on that. Hope that helps.

Hi @Jaroslav_Krajca, Yes I already add endpoint and done test call. Unfortunately, I got these following errors.

I got response -1


Due to this error, I can’t set my schema. It was disabled.


I need to pass JSON, something like this :-

“external”:{“page”:1, “per_page”:2}

Could you send me the whole TEST API call response? It seems like there has to be a path defined.

Sure. I got the result here but I want to set schema. It been disabled due to this error.

Under the CONFIG tab, set up the response object key either “shop_1” or “items”.

It was shop_1. But I also tried items just now. Still same error.

Then you have to go with get a record as it’s not a list but an arrray with objects