"Message: Unknown error, contact support for more details" android app building

Hello! Could you help with solving this?
Earlier i easiest get my apk files, now i have error :pleading_face:

my app id: 125125

Hi! Sorry for the delayed answer. Are you still experiencing this issue?

I created another project and copied all components to new project, there i don’t have any issues… But i want to know for my future work why the first project gives me mistake…

This was an issue with the previous version of the image caching function, where previously all remote URLs found in the app descriptor were downloaded by the Build Service, so that they could be included as part of the standalone package. One of the URLs failed to load, so the build failed too. Your new project was then missing this failing URL for some reason.

This is anyway fixed now with 1.9.26 and in all 2.x versions, so your old app should now build too.