Mevis calendar need help with formula

Hi there, im making a reservation page in my app using @Mevi s calendar and i wanted help, displaying the data for each day,
what formula should i use to display all the data for the day no 2?

thank you in advance

Uhmmm I’m going to need more context :sweat_smile: What format is your data coming into that component?

Hey thanx for replying, the data have this format

To let you understand, im thinking to store the data as shown in the photo, so for each month we get all the existing data (for that month) and we display it accordingly in each day.
I hope its more clear now
Thank you in advance

To give some more context this is what im trying to achieve.
the data in the red circle are downloaded al together and then i need a formula in order to show the data of each day according to the number.

Hi! Sorry for the delay in the answer over the holidays.

My default for doing calendars is repeating data. So. For a week-format calendar, I would have a data variable “viewedWeek” that would contain the data for that week, and then repeat it. That way there would not be any specific problems getting data for a specific day, but rather the complicated part would be to do the selection to the “viewedWeek” from your whole data collection.

Not sure about the data structure – I would recommend doing some research, googling “reservation tool data structure” and similar stuff. My instinct says that structuring via date like you intend is probably not the best idea – I would just go with “Reservations” that has all the fields including date fields, and then preferably add methods to just fetch reservations between startDate and endDate. This is, as far as I know, the usual way something like this would be done.

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Hey thanks for the help, i decided that for the user, to choose the time and date, there will be something like this. (unfortunatelly,i havent found any way to use repeats)

As for the admin, in order to view all the meetings for each day, i will the callendar as shown in your video.
Lastly, about the data stracture, i will listen to your advice and make some reaserch.