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Hi there,

I need a “attache files” button for image files on a page.

“Take Photo” is a bug, it does not open devices…

“Pick Files” works with taking photo.

But how can I upload pics from camera directly or from library or my device and can attach it to a formula ?

I tried to copy

Mevis Video seems to work and she seems to be a pro. But if I do exactly the same she does, nothing works…
The first problem is, that I can not set page variables with list of objects like mevi dies it. If I click on “List” in the variable menu, it turns to navigation instead of “list”…
Container can also not be shown on the background image like you can see it in the video.

Can anybody help me please?
If there is any support, I also have anydesk to show the real bugs to a support.

Or if the red sunshine reads this, she can help me :smiley:

Kind regards


Yes the navigation bug is a known issue, but you can still use it as a list even though it incorrectly says navigation :slight_smile:

Take photo is a bug how? I just tested it and it seems to work fine, do you have camera permissions granted for the preview app?

Hi there, thank you for the quick answer. I can not open camera with the “Take Photo” plugin. Only when i use “Pick files” my phone opens an “Action Sheet” where i can use “Camera”.

I would like to build a formula where user can attach photos directly from the camera with a small preview window.

Green are the preview pics, pink is the add more plus and blue is the “attach file” button. It is only in german :slight_smile: .

Now i saved it, the containers are standing on “Visible” like mevi told it in the video, but they are not shown on the preview app:

Do you know what i could have done wrong?

Kind regards

Tot he problem with the “Take Photo”

This logic works till the “set page variable” … there i still have problems because i understand the theory behind it but if i do it, it does not work…
In this logic i can pic files from the device or open camera from the app, so the app should have the permission for opening the camera.
consiquently the “Take photo” button should also work…

in this logic the camera does not open …

Perhaps i do something wrong ? :slight_smile:


Take Photo must be a Bug,

If i use it with “Pick Image from Library, there it asks if i can use cameras” …
All Permissions are allowed, i can use camera with “Pick Images from library”…

I read in the forum that “take photo” does not run fine on android?

Kind regards


You don’t have a Set page variable after the Pick image from library, so the picked images do not get added to the list of images. Adding that should solve the issue of images not showing.

As for the take photo not working, I’m guessing there’s an issue with your If condition and its formula. Seems like it always evaluates as false at the moment, so I would check for any typos in the formula and see that it matches with the Action sheet options.

thank you i will try it :slight_smile:

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@cecilia could you tell me the right way for showing the outputs of the picked images from the library in the preview pics ?

this is the last problem i have. there is any misstake i do all the time.

So the flow would be something like:

  • Create a page variable picked_images that’s a list of objects, with the property path which might have to be a local filesystem path type

  • After all of the options for picking an image (Pick image from Library, Pick Files, Take Photo) add a Set page variable with the following formula: WITH_ITEM(pageVar.picked_images, {path: outputs["Take photo"].photoFile.path}) (replace Take photo with each function and the photoFile.path might differ a bit according do the function)

  • Add a container to your page and set it’s repeat-with to the page variable picked_images

  • Set the container’s background image as the repeated item’s path . If there’s an incompatibility issue, use a formula and ignore the warnings.

  • Set a width and height to your container, whatever you like

I’m not sure if Mevi has that exact same flow but it should be quite similar.