Minimum iOS Version


Does anyone know if there is a setting somewhere in AppGyver that controls the Minimum iOS Version? I just pushed a build to Apple TestFlight, and couldn’t install it on my iPhone 6 (iOS 12.4.9). When I searched for the reason, under Device Requirements in App Store Connect, I see that the Minimum iOS Version is set to 13.

Can this be changed in AppGyver, or did I miss a step with the Transporter app?


I just tried installing the IPA file directly onto my iPhone using Xcode, and was unable to. Xcode gave me the error: App installation failed. The device version is too low.

Surely there are many (still viable and useful) devices out there with iOS versions at 12.4.9 or lower. Can a staff member please respond and let me know how to configure AppGyver for the minimum iOS version?


Hi! I’m currently trying to find out if the minimum iOS version could be lowered (because it has to be done on our side), but I haven’t gotten any clarity yet (due to all the 2.X stabilization hassle) on whether or not it would be possible for us to lower the minimum iOS version. :confused: I’ll get back to you when I know more.

Thanks @Mevi, I appreciate your time on this!

Hi @Anthony_Williamson,

A couple of days ago I tried a similar thing and realised that the TestFlight app itself now requires iOS 13 or higher. Maybe you already have installed an older version, but I wasn’t able to install it on my iPhone 6 (12.4.9), which is very frustrating.

So, I’m not sure if this might be related but you could check if it’s actually a TestFlight or XCode problem.


Hi @Marc,

I thought the same thing. But knowing that IPA files are just packaged files, similar to ZIPs, if you change the filename from .ipa to .zip, and then unzip it, you will find a “Payload” folder. Inside this folder is “”. If you right click on this file and choose> Show Package Contents, inside there you’ll find Info.plist. Double click on Info.plist, and near the bottom you can see that the Minimum OS Version is set to 13 - directly from the AppGyver build process:

So far the conclusion seems to be “we have no way to guarantee atm that everything would work below iOS13”, which is why it’s set to be 13 at the moment. A second conclusion was that based on the current statistics of usage, it doesn’t make sense to go below iOS12, but iOS12 support could be added.

However, based on the discussion, we will add iOS12 support with the caveat that we can’t be 100% certain at the moment if everything will work in iOS12 as in iOS13 and newer. At the moment it looks like this will be done after the most immediate hotfixes to 2.4.X.

Awesome, thanks @Mevi for checking into this!