Minor Feature Request: Change order of assets in lists

There are a couple places within Composer where assets are listed in order of how long their name is or how long ago they were created. It would be awesome if these could be put in alphabetical order.

The first spots that come to mind are:
*Data sources within the data sources section
*The list of data sources when you’re selecting one in data variables on the page
*The list of data sources when you’re in the data source flow block
*List of shared styles

Others are welcome to chip in if I’ve missed any!

I noticed that you guys recently made this change when selecting an app page, and I’ve been surprised at how much of a difference that made in my user experience. Go figure.

From the sound of it, this would be a quick-and-easy win for the developers who have been working so hard on massive overhauls :slight_smile:

Found another: In the navigation section, when navigation is not enable, the list of pages is in order of creation.

Thanks for listing these :blush: I agree that this would improve Composer usability. I put the list to our backlog so these will be fixed at some point, but if any new ones come to mind, let us know and we can take care of those too.

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One more: Order of variables in function window:

One more:

Object properties when setting binding:

@Erin_Wagner, thank you! We agree with you that these would be small but still great improvements! I’m working on these right now!

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Oh awesome! I didn’t realize you guys would jump on that so fast. I’m in the process of rebuilding my entire app from scratch, so it will make a big difference for me. Thank you.

@Erin_Wagner, we just updated a small release that fixes many lists in the user interface to alphabetic order! Hopefully that helps, and please let us know if you notice something that we may have missed, or if you find more lists that are still not in a meaningful order!

You know what @Kimmo? I was just working on something and thought, “Wait a minute…this is easier than it used to be…” It took me a minute to realize that this was what had changed! So I hopped into the forums here simply to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! My day is literally better because of this, as will be every day for the coming month or so.


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I found another @Kimmo :slight_smile:

Lists of variables in the debugger:

@kimmo, I have a new data source with more than 60 variables nested multiple layers in different spots. It has been a challenge to get it mapped exactly to the app variables where the data needs to be put, especially since it’s in development so the data structure changes occasionally. I didn’t realize I was going to be running into this setup and needing to do lots of side-by-side comparisons, but that is definitely something I’m putting a fair amount of time into. And I gotta say–if everything weren’t in alphabetical order, it would feel impossible. I did not realize just how much I was going to need this, and you delivered it just in time!!