Missing components on SAP Build Apps

Hello everyone

I’ve sent a ticket to bug report some time ago but no one reply,

My app has some component missing on SAP Build Apps only on Android, on iOS it works perfectly.

Bug report ticket

Please, someone help me


SAP Build Apps on Android

On iOS

Are those containers styled as primary cards?

We’ve found, a few months ago, that primary cards and some other styles became suddenly broken. Especially if they have logic flows attached to them.

I’d suggest 2 things:

  1. Try deleting all logic flows and see how it renders without any logic flows (just out of curiosity really, since you obviously won’t keep the component without logic flows).

  2. Remake the component from scratch, trying a style different from primary card or the one currently used, if necessary.

Good luck.

Oh, I just remebered the lazy solution: remove the logic flows from the container (if that solves the rendering) and assign them to the contained text.

There are a few solutions around like this one. I have loads of logic that didn´t work how it whould so I moved it from the text to the container or vice versa and its fine.

Hello guys,

I’ve tried to remove the bool variable binded to the visible property of the component, removed all the logic flows, created a new component and duplicate the component mentioned, nothing seamed to work. But the tappable function works, when i click the work “ferias” the text turns white, meaning the component “A” is invisible and the component “B” is now visible, but the box it self does not apear on the screen!

As You can see below im testing on two devices, on iOS it runs perfectly, but on Android it does not, im not sure if its a SAP Build Apps bug or a bug with the component it self, frankly i’m without hope at this point!!

Maybe will create an identical page from scratch if i do not find any solution…

Anyway thanks for the replies!

Put it in a container and apply the visibility to that item. Its a build bug. I think I´ve seen it before.

Didn’t work either, just the containers is “missing” I’ll duplicate the whole thing but in one of them I’ll recreate the containers that i use as buttons…

Thank you anyway.

@Phil_Evans , @Bruno_Oliveira great news, I’ve figured out what is happening and was able to reproduce the bug (the “why” and how to fix it is up to the Appgyver team kkkkk).

First things first, this bug only occurs on Android, on iOS the component behave as expected (showing and hiding on click).

So far I’ve figured that when i use the input event “component tap” of a container, the container it self and everything after it on the component tree became invisible, but if i bind that event input to an text inside that same component everything behave normally, I’m sending some prints from the logic flows and how everything is linked.

For some reason i can create and/or define others logics and functions for the container, and also create an input event node, but if i link it in ANY other node, the bug occurs.

Since we can only upload photos, below i’m leaving three links from my google drive with the screen records showing the bug.

Android screen with the input event linked:

iOS screen with the input event linked:

Android screen with the event input unbinded:

If there´s a workaround the bug will never be fixed.

If you don´t have a workaround then find one and loop back to the first point.

Well done btw :slight_smile:

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