MISSING FEATURE: Add Video From Library?

So, one of the main features to upload a video from the library is missing?

I can add a photo from my photo library but not a video?

Is there something im missing here? I cant upload a video?

You should use the Pick Files flow function instead of Pick Image from Library

There is no video selection.

Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 2.32.36 PM

II thought that used to let you specify your own file extensions, but i see it doesnt now

Tried custom formula of


Nothing is working, still cant upload a video


Any update on this?

How can we upload a video from the photo gallery?

I still cant upload videos, and there is no way ?

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Yes, same here… Is there any one who can explain upload video at IOS please?

Anyone here on this ?


Any update or reason why this doesnt work?

Hi! Nothing other than the pick files at the moment I’m afraid. Third party plugin support is under development at the moment, with that it would be possible to include/develop a react native plugin for video that would do what you’d like.

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@Mevi any suggested timeline for third party plugin support?

Well, I can make a guess based on my current knowledge that the earliest we would be likely to get it out for public consumption would be December. This is, however, just my personal guess, as there is no official timeline I can give out.

@Mevi This was 6 months ago. Should I move onto a different platform? Or is there a paid way to get video uploads?

We know, it has unfortunately taken a lot longer to do third party plugin support than we hoped for :disappointed: But actually we will have pick video from library before third party plugin support is widely released, as it will be added as an option to the pick image from library flow function, but that’s still going to take some weeks at least.

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Great, thanks for the update… its been a few weeks.

Still cant find this basic function…


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There’s still backlog on existing primitives and flow functions before we can get to new ones unfortunately. I should not be giving out time estimates as they won’t be accurate :disappointed: