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Hi Appgyver,

I have an issue with my pictures. My backend is only sending a text file and not the full URL. In my schema it look like this 5fa7e430555573650000056e and is missing the http: etc.

I have managed to add the full URL to a single picture, even a single picture in a Image list item but I can’t when I am using “repeat with” and have a row of pictures set up in a scroll.

Hmm, wouldn’t a formula work in a repeat just as well? Something like "http://my_url_here.com/images/" + current.imageUrl

Thanks @Mevi, that is what I thought but the “current” is not recognised in the source. I have had to set the repeat up with a formula because I cant get it to work as normal, saying it is incompatible, not sure why, could that have anything to do with it?

Hmm, how have you set the repeat up with a formula? Anyway, if it then doesn’t recognize current in the formula editor but you haven’t named the repeat, that’s fine, check in the device if it works anyway. If the schema isn’t recognized, the formula editor is sometimes unable to recognize current but any formula with it would still work.

Hi Mevi,

Thank you very much for you help so far. This is what I have done. This is a picture of the repeat with. The example results is correct and shows the right picture text.

But I cant get the source to get this result. This is what I get:

and I don’t get any pictures showing. Hope this makes sense. :thinking:

Hi! In the first formula the result is an Array of Texts instead of an Array of Objects, which is the problem :thinking: If the example results are correct, you need to modify the first formula to be


and the second formula to use current.id.

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