Missing options in composer in composite component

from composite component

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Duplicating the answer here for others:

This removal was intentional as a part of undocumented improvements. Every created/edited component is under ‘By me’ tab above the view components, so there is no need to copy them: just drag it onto the canvas and Composer will automatically create a copy of it!

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Oh, ok, but when you drag from the by me tab, is it like creating a new component , meaning that if you make a change, will that change, affect other components that are the same?
And if it doesn’t affect, how can me make it so its affected, because that was a useful feature if you were using a component repeatedly and you wanted to make a change to all of them.

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Are you talking about ‘Duplicate component’? It is accessible via the top right corner of a custom component in the ‘By Me’ section:


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You are right: When I create the component and use it in another canvas, the changes I make are changed in all the canvases, actually I thought that if one creates a component is to store it and reuse it and make all the modifications without changing it in the other canvases.

I noticed that there is the option to duplicate the component and make the change does not affect other canvases, but it is more complicated and more complicated to have this duplicate, the second duplicate damages all the features and settings, it is as if it were deformed.

While it gives a solution, what I do is the traditional way, copy and paste on another canvas and for now do not use these options until AppGyver can give an update.

I also noticed that today Composer was very slow, if you change even one number, it takes forever and the navigation gave me a “Wait” alert, when my internet is excellent, and when saving, not to mention, up to 3 minutes of waiting.

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So, i understand both, but im trying to put something here

And whatever i do, it changes all of my other fields.

Can you how i can change this component without changing the others?
Thanks in advance

Hello, my regards:


Thats a great representation, thanks, my only question, is in the first step, what if we want to use the ready made input component and make changes on that?

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Greetings, you are right in what you are already going to imagine, but I made some examples is to deepen what happens with the section of “By ME”.

What I do is create a well-designed and well-structured component, and not format it to convert it to component, rather what I do is copy and paste on another canvas so as to be modified without affecting the original.

Because AppGyver must update that if one modifies the name of the generated Component, at least reflect the changes and know on which canvas was generated to duplicate and name a new one on another canvas or on the same canvas. But if you see in the pictures, they did not change the names in “BY ME”.

This example is the same as when you create a component by yourself, only that it is downloaded from the store. You have to duplicate first before using it, if you use it and do not duplicate it, everywhere you will repeat the same all at the same time.

That’s why I gave an example of a self-generated component and this component downloaded from the store, in this case I downloaded the “Image Card List With Hearder 1” component and it works the same effects explained as if it were a self-generated component.

It should be duplicated if you see that changes are going to be made so as not to affect others.