Modal view/popup: Beginner help

Hello, I recently took up a project which requires me to open a bunch of pages in the app. I came across this thing called modal and I was wondering how exactly to implement the modal window.

I want to make something like this:
(something like a popup window that will take user inputs)

Right now,even when i select open in modal=true, it covers the whole page…!

I couldn’t find any answers as to how to implement this. Any help would be highly appreciated

Modal is not recommended for native mobile apps. And modal here is not as flexible as a simple container where you add your input fields. You can control the visibility and size as you wish.

Hi! I’m trying to create a modal for entering pin. It is a website that is targeted towards desktop users, so I think it would work without much flaws.

If it is OK with you,can you please guide me on how to create a modal? I just couldn’t find any tutorials online or on this forum. Either it is dead easy or too hard, I’m guessing the former

Thanks Fred :))

There is no tutorials but it’s a very basic feature - which I haven’t used.
Just follow that this team member explains here: