Modifying values in nested data variables (lists of objects)

Hi all,

I’m new to AppGyver but rapidly found my way to create pages, variables, add components, associate logic.

I’m currently working on my first application with a client-side storage as below.

I’m currently adding settings pages to add, update and delete signatures records.

I’m also adding pages to add, update and delete material object attached to the materials list of signatures records.

Same thing for component object the attached to component list of the materials lists of signatures records. :sweat_smile:

To edit existing / create new entries I use page variables, and fields bound to those variables. A button is present to confirm the operation. Page looks as below

This page is accessed from parent pages : list of fragrances → list of materials for the selected fragrance → list of components from selected fragrance and material → component edition page. At this point, the corresponding signature record is loaded and available to the page. Also fragrance_id, material_id, and component_id data variables are defined with the corresponding object ids as known in the Signature record.

My question is :
When I click on the “Save” button, how can I set the nested values at component level in the current Signature record with my page variables containing user entries?

Should I use JavaScript for this? Or is there a clever way with core flow functions?

Thanks a lot for your help! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: