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Have just signed up and really love what I’ve seen so far. Your offering seems to be the best I have seen out of all of the no-code platforms/tools.

My question is, how does one go about monetising? I believe at present it is not currently possible to use In App Purchases through Google Play or the App Store - seeing as the mobile apps are built in react native, is there a workaround/hack that I could do myself relatively easily in order to allow for In App Purchases? Alternatively what other monetisation options are there currently for mobile apps built with Appgyver and is there anything on the product roadmap?

Also - what are the monetisation options in building something for the web? Do you have payment components/integrations such as Stripe? Or is this something that I would need to do myself with a bit of code? If so, could I effectively use any payment gateway?

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There are no current monetization options, but it is one of our most request features (In-app purchases, Google AdMob) so it’s safe to say we are planning to offer options for it in the future. However, it’s certainly still a way off, and I’m not certain if we’ll instead first focus on enabling the usage of custom plugins which would already enable making workarounds. Optimistically I would hope we would have at least the custom plugin feature this year, but I can’t give you any certain timeline. As far as I know about the current product roadmap, custom plugins are something we plan to work on once the 2.X runtime is out, which we have been working on for a while now and should be out this summer. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!


Hi Mevi

Many thanks for your response.

No problem, this is understandable.

Can I just confirm, this is the case for both mobile apps and web apps? i.e. There is no workaround for monetisation in building a web app - i.e. I can’t integrate Stripe or another payment gateway?

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Thanks for your understanding!

As far as I know there’s no workaround that would have been tested and verified, and my only guess is that maybe if you would use a WebView component and stripe/another payment gateway would allow usage through that from an external website, it might be possible to make payments through that. However I’m a little dubious if it would work.

What about creating a free and a paid version of an app? The paid version could have more features or don’t show any ads.
Setting the price for the app is done in the App Store/Play Store.
I suppose this should be possible with AppGyver.

@Jo_Li There should be no problems doing that as far as I know, since the paid/free setting is just something you set in App Store / Play Store. It might be some complex logic if you wish to create the two differing versions in one Composer app, but it could be done – I would maybe make two separate apps for that.

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There is a really easy answer but they are not prioritizing it currently and people aren’t upvoting it on the roadmap. If they had embeds on the webapp you could add a Stripe for to a page.

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Hi Mevi and the rest of ya’ll. Can stripe be integrated through the stripe SDK? So via integrating the SDK using API Calls? I am seeking to build an app that will require monetisation. Can you comment on the above strategy? Also maybe comment on the time line of your guys development of a monetisation tool/feature natively within appgyver?

alternatively if i am using firebase as backend and i am able to connect firebase to stripe via zapier, can this be a technique used to monetise the app?

Hi, we are still not supporting the stripe SDK currently, as we as a small team have been working on getting our 2.X runtime out. Currently custom plugins looks like being ready only in Q1/21. Some users on the forums have done some workarounds to some monetizations of their apps via webview, I think, but I’m not certain :thinking:

As I mentioned above, I am also suggesting a workaround using zapier and firebase. will this work?

@Ashley_Mclean mentioned that he used the webview workaround to implement payments from a Wordpress page.

This workaround will not work for me. I am trying to build a money transfer app so the money has to be loaded and transferred in app. I am going to build the app out on firebase as a backend. Firebase integrates with zapier and through the Receive event and Trigger event functions can we:

  1. collect through the UI credit card details and store it in firebase
  2. When customer presses top up in app, this should trigger an event where the action is sent to firebase.
  3. Firebase then through zapier send the same to stripe.
  4. Stripe actions the request and through zapier sends confirmation to firebase.
  5. Firebase then send back same confirmation to the app interface for user to see.

Will this setup work? Is it feasible? A Yes or a no will be much appreciated. I dont want the webview workaround, this has to be done in-app.

Hopefully, if I understand that correctly, embeds would allow for CAPTCHA components and other security mechanisms to be implemented as anti-spam/anti-bot measures. That and embedded maps to allow users to find other users in close proximity. Or maybe they already can be implemented? :thinking:

It’s hard to give an answer with certainty as we haven’t tried your set-up, but if you don’t need to use any external sdks we don’t already provide (firebase is ok but stripe sdk is not included), it may be possible. However, I’m unsure how you mean to receive the event from firebase. Something that would work is if you’d poll an endpoint that would let you know when the stripe action went through successfully.

Hi, have there been any monetization options enabled yet? I would like to use ads in my app please.