Monetization, In-App Purchase and Ads


I know this have been asked many times in the forum. But I still would like to ask again here

It has been replied by some members of AppGyver that things related to monetization is in the process since Oct - Nov last year.

We currently have clients who are requesting an app with ads. Is there any update when it will really be made available?

Or is there any other way to work-around? Using Html render perhaps?


In app purchases is the number one functionality needed to release a new app. The freemium model is very well adopted, so without this feature it’s not possible using AppGyver.
Come on AppGyver - we need it :pray:

Hi! We are in the middle of sorting out our operations after acquisition, so unfortunately we don’t at the moment have a timeline to give for these features. We intend to go through our tracker in the upcoming days to have it better reflect what we will be working on shortly. We definitely know in-app purchases are high on the list of wanted features, so we do want to prioritize it when we can :slight_smile:


Hi, Mevi

Any updates on that matter, please?..


Hi, it is not clear to me if you are also referring here to the possibility of making payments via stripe or paypal (to subscribe to the app for example) or if that type of interactions are possible. Thank you