Monetization (In-app purchases / Ad-integration)

I know this has been asked many times on this platform but has anybody managed to create a workaround to monetize apps? (i.e. In-app purchases and add integration)

I thought of simply adding some logic that only shows certain features upon paying on an EXTERNAL website and inputting a referral code into the app.

However, I worry that Apple won’t approve of our app if the revenue model doesn’t keep them as the middleman


It’s hard to say beforehand, Apple work in mysterious ways when it comes to monetization restrictions… I have had apps accepted that only show certain features if the user is logged in, i.e. has a paid subscription, so as a concept that should be fine.

But having links to external sites where you can buy a subscription sometimes gets rejected, sometimes not :woman_shrugging: I’m not sure where the cutoff lies, but at least very obvious BUY HERE links and buttons usually get rejected. You can try submitting it and then finetune the logic and wording if it gets rejected :sweat_smile:

It kind of makes sense – well, as far as Apple being paranoid about third parties profiting without them getting their cut. I would imagine ad integration with something like AdSense would be fine since it’s relatively neutral. If you have a freemium app with an offer for a paid ad-free experience or the like, I don’t believe Apple really could control that one way or another as long as it’s natively embedded in your app. But if you sold small microtransaction-type things such as purchasable badges/special effects which one user could gift to another on a social media platform (or use themselves), that, I believe, would need to comply with Apple’s policies.

As a side note, that’s one of many reasons we’re initially releasing our platform as a responsive web app. It gets around those immediate limitations and is universally accessible to anyone with a browser on an electronic device.

Disclaimer: This is more based on research and tidbits I’ve heard from other iOS app developers over the last few months. Take it with a grain of salt and back it up with your own research and experimentation.

Have you had success incorporating AdSense or AdMob using webview or another method?

so you’ve had success integrating logic on the AppgGver platform to only show features upon logging-in / having a subscription?

Yes exactly! But directing the user to an external url to buy a subscription without in-app purchasing would most likely be rejected.

So, then, it wouldn’t likely be possible to monetize it. I thought that the user would pay for a monthly subscription to access these additional features. Still, as AppGyver does not yet have IAPs integrated, the user would have to be redirected to an external website to purchase the subscription, right?

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