Monetize your Appgyver App with Rewarded Book Previews

Everyone who joins this will earn 50% of the ad-revenue paid to the network per click and per display, according to the package the author/publisher purchased, and can also generate revenue by supplying data requested by the bookChain in order to complete a smart contract. No user data is mined. All reader ids are anonymous, but we like to know if that reader id does not like something. Also, you can sell your own direct ads and we provide you a custom client portal for your client to make the purchase and create their promo or preview if you decide to let them create their own book preview.

I have been creating previews for authors I see trying to sell their books on amazon, then contacting them and sending them a link. I explain if they purchase an ad package, the book preview will get distributed to all of the developers who are taking advantage of this amazing new way to monetize an app. I have about a thousand indie developers doing it in various countries and some of them are clearing over 5k a month.

You can read more about it here:

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Nice but that’s not the Christmas gift you promised to us, Dany boy…:smirk:

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Oh yea I’ve been busy. I will post it when I get the chance tho.