Monetizing appgyver apps using admob?

Is there any update on monetizing appgyver apps using AdMob?


We’re still tracking the feature here, but we haven’t been able to add it to our backlog yet. The situation is still the same as Mevi tells here.

We’re working hard on runtime 2.0, and I hope that after its release there’s more time for features like AdMob, but I cannot promise any timeline for this.

Ok, I understand thank you

Is it same with the analytics? , no way to track the traffic or engagement?

No drag & drop easy flows yet for analytics.

But if you don’t mind getting technical, you could make HTTP requests against Google Measurement Protocol API endpoints, allowing you to track your app usage through Google Analytics. Or use a similar approach with any other analytics platform that has an API.

Thank you pekka, looking for a immediate solution for admob too

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Any progress in monetization feature? I am searching, how can I monetize my appgyver app…